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Clarissa's Journal

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Wednesday, April 9th, 2003
4:52 pm - AI 4/8/03- #1 Billboard hits.
Well, yesterday's show was pretty good. It was like everybody and they're mama busted out with their diva power ballads except Carmen. I've gotta give her major props for singing an upbeat song, andfor one did not agreee with Simon- I thought it was a solid performance. Here's what I thought about the show.

Ok what can I say? This boy is major cuteness combined with Major talent. I thought he did an excellent job of branching out and trying something different with his voice. He sounded very pop/rock and it was really refreshing. Again, he challenged himself and it worked. However, what was up with the shirt??? Was that the same one he wore to his first audition?? I could have sworn it was. Oh well. Of course, the girls were all about ready to sling their panties at him. Poor thing, I don't think he's ever seen womens' undergarments besides his mom's while doing the laundry. He'd be sooo embarrased! I would have paid a million bucks to have been the girl that he said "I love you too!" to. Ahhhh.... Clay's smile. That's what I live for every week. Ahhh... all is right with the world. Who cares if we're bombing the crap out of Baghdad? This boy could bring world peace with his angelic voice. He's such a sweetie! He sung "At this Moment" And I'm sitting here thinking "At this moment, I would like to grab you and make out with you passionately!!!" Randy likes his voice, not the song. Ditto for Miss Flighty herself, Paula, whom I think is starting to use, or attempt to use, some neurons in her critiques. Lionel Ritchie was in awe of that white boy soul sound coming out of such a tall, lanky kid. Ok, now on to Mr. Scowell. Clay looks like he's been mentally preparing himself for yet another negative comment from Simon, something along the lines of "You suck. You should just pack up and leave so that this show will get over faster and we can crown Ruben AI." I laugh hysterically imagining them crowning Ruben with a tiara, bouquet of roses and a sash that says "Mr. American Idol." lol! Anyways, Simon must have gotten laid or soemthing, because he thought Clay was "right on the money" and "perfect." The look on Clay's face was priceless. He literally looked stunned. You could just SEE the wheels turning in his brain trying to process it all. I"m sure he was thinking "Wow, he said I was terrible last week and now I'm perfect?" Simon must have male PMS. He goes over to Ryan (who incidentally does not extend a "helping hand" like last week) and sits down, still in shell shock, shaking like a little puppy dog.Awww! We love you Clay! I just hope next week he picks an uptempo song. This boy has it all, including my heart, he just needs to recapture the rest of America's hearts. Clay baby, we love you!!!! Also, is it just me or does Clay look a little, um, meatier? He looks like he's put on some weight. THANK GOD! He looks like such an angel now that his face has filled out. :) Check back next week for my review of Clay! :)

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